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May 27, 2012
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Eisbrecher by Horsepoint Eisbrecher by Horsepoint
AND THEN KAT SHIRKED HER COMMENTING DUTIES AND UPLOADED A PONY. (Faeyn, do tell me if anything needs changing. :3)

So! It's only taken a whole 7 months, but Horsepoint's first in-house baby is born! :la::la::la: Eisbrecher is the result of a breeding between Faeyn's CRS Amityville Horror (now Alerium's SLS Amityville Horror) and HP Ironclad. Amity has since gone the way of the stable-clearout dodo, but his son lives on. :iconfinallyplz: Update: AMITY'S ALIVE?! Originally I was quite mortified that it had taken me this long to draw him, but I don't think I mind so much now, because I am really pleased with how he came out and I couldn't have done it before. A big hurdle is always shading white-furred horses so that they look interesting and not like...giant expanses of white, and I shenaniganned around with two sky colours and got something I really like. :'3

I know feathering is recessive, but Amity's a mustang, so we can always say he was hiding one copy of the gene? >3>

And the subject of albinism. Ahhh, albinism. I was originally in the camp of "does not occur in horses", but since looking deeper and deeper into genetics I've revised that to "once in a blue moon". I'll directly quote myself from a genetics discussion with Tattered-Dreams in which I mused ramblingly at her as I found out more about the proteins involved: An albino horse would literally just be white, probably with red or bluish-red eyes, but it's so stupendously rare in general in the animal kingdom that the mutated allele might just never rear its head in homozygous form. Both eumelanin and phaeomelanin would be affected at once as with other creatures; as a point of interest it differs from dominant white and white patterns in that they're depigmentation phenotypes, causing a lack of melanin-producing pigment cells (melanocytes), whereas an albino has the normal amount of melanocytes - except their tyrosinase (the enzyme that essentially turns the melanocytes on) is mutated, and so they don't produce melanin of any kind. But this means that since a mutation is a mutation is a mutation, it simply must be possible. Certainly it crops up in pretty much every other creature - I think it's just phenomenally rare, and if it's recessive on top of that you'd just never see it. And on top of that, if people have been going around believing that cremellos and perlinos and dominant whites and their cousins' dogs are albinos, any true albino could go quite unrecorded in the past.

So I'm calling this stupendously rare albinism gene ALB/alb for now (though really the notation would be something to do with the TYR gene), and it's recessive. Amity of course would have had two copies of the expressing allele, and it seems Ironclad has one copy (though naturally you can't tell, because it's recessive). So Eisbrecher would only produce albinos when bred to mares either albino themselves or carrying a hidden copy of the gene like his dam. :'B Of course with a normal dam, the resulting colour would be calculated as though Eisbrecher were just a normal silver roan.

HP Eisbrecher

(German: Icebreaker (ship type))
Sex: Stallion
Height: 17.1hh
Breed: Mustang x (Shire x Clydesdale mix)
Colour Phenotype: Albino (Silver roan genes, with albinism on top)
Colour Genotype: Ee/Zz/WRnw/albalb
Other Genes: fthfth
White Markings: Unknown
Notes: Red (unpigmented) eyes
-Major: Winter warfare, cross country, driving
-Minor: Dressage, halter
Sire: SLS Amityville Horror
Dam: HP Ironclad
Conception: Breeding - Amity x Ironclad by Horsepoint
Breeding: Yes (See breeding rules)
Offspring: Usually take ship-related names, nautical-themed at least.
:bulletblue: Bewegliche Metall Insel (out of Isle Esme (Breeding))
:bulletblue: All Aboard (out of All Laced Up (Breeding))

Info: Eisbrecher is essentially the winter warfare camp's mascot. He loves the snow and has been known to hide embarrassingly well in it on more than one occasion, and frankly, he looks the part from head to toe. He has his dam's intelligence, knowing exactly what is asked of him without fail, but is quite the opposite of his half-brother, Dreadnought; instead of literally obeying every command until its explicit conclusion, Eisbrecher is happiest pushing a little at his boundaries and seeing what he can get away with within the confines of his instructions. His most interesting relationship is with Umbrus; the two have pretty much grown up together, and they're very much like two brothers - brothers where one of them has been trying all his life to overcome an excruciating disgust for the other's coat, which is the epitome of everything he was born to hate, and said other regards this as highly amusing. Eisbrecher loves to keep his coat clean and prance around Umbrus, setting off all of his tics, but ultimately Umbrus trusts him with his life - even if he sometimes doesn't like to look at him.

Being an albino, Eisbrecher is not exempt from the related issues. He does have problems with his slightly photosensitive eyes on very sunny days in the snow, and Marko has been looking into essentially making a pair of horse sunglasses. (This endeavour is actually going quite well.) He's also susceptible to sunburn, but since he's pretty damn fuzzy he has fair protection against this when he hasn't got sunblock on his nose. Luckily the nature of his conception means that, like Howitzer, he enjoys a goodly amount of hybrid vigour (only without the grumpiness) and will in all likelihood live very healthily to a ripe old age. He's inherited his dam's fuzz and general build, though it's been a little streamlined, lightened and shortened by the mustang influence.

Nobody ever puts him on mountain rescue, because you'd never see the little bugger.

Image to me (KanaScott)

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Scutterland Apr 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
WOW this is so amazing, the angle is great and the pose is dynamic and it is so refreshing, it's like you're there! Wonderful anatomy and great sense of detail, you create such an intriguing environment, great job!!!
Thank you very much! I'm really glad you like so much of this :'3
Scutterland Apr 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
:squee: Oh, most welcome, this is awesome work!
Alerium Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Pst, hey HP guess whut =U=
Alerium Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thinkin of bringing back Amy ;u;
DOOO IIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT. <33333 Same as before, or would you do anything different with him? :3
Alerium Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I think basically the same as before, maybe some tweeks personality-wise xD
I can't wait to see him agaaaaain :'D Amityyyyyyyyyy <333
Alerium Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Iknorite? Looking at this made me miss my Albi Amy ;3;
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